Zack Towner

Zack Towner


Work Experience:

6 years

Zack Towner, the visionary behind ZTown Media, embarked on his professional journey as a filmmaker, diving into a world of creativity and storytelling. However, in the past three years, his focus has shifted to the dynamic realm of marketing, with a sincere dedication to supporting small businesses.

As a small business owner himself, Zack empathizes with the challenges of scaling a business, driving his desire to assist others in achieving the same. For Zack, it's not just about profit; it's about empowerment.

When he's not crafting marketing strategies, Zack is a fervent Lakers fan, a passion deeply rooted in the "Mamba Mentality" epitomized by Kobe Bryant. This mentality signifies an unwavering pursuit of success, a relentless dedication he channels into every project.

Just as in a tightly-knit basketball team, Zack views all of his clients as valued team members. He brings unwavering dedication and strategic brilliance to every aspect of your business, with one ultimate goal - your victory.

Join Zack on this exciting journey, where hard work, heart, and expert marketing to elevate your business to new heights.

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