The Problem

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Unexplored Marketing Territory

HAVCOG sought to extend their reach and connect with the Newnan community through advanced marketing strategies, but lacked prior experience in this domain.

Workflow & Communication Challenges

Understaffing and inefficiencies in internal communication impacted the practice's overall structure and hindered their ability to deliver optimal patient care.

Outdated Website & Phone System

An outdated website without online appointment booking capabilities resulted in high call volumes, affecting patient experience and staff productivity.

Our Solution

Our comprehensive solution went beyond marketing to elevate HAVCOG's entire practice:

Strategic Videos

Engaging videos showcasing HAVCOG's value, patient testimonials, and an inspiring Meet the Doctor video, alongside educational animated content.

Streamlined Systems

We became their dedicated team extension, taking care of the entire onboarding process for efficient appointment booking and phone systems (NexHealth and Kinetics) that seamlessly integrated into their practice.

Business Consulting & Workflow Management

We advised and facilitated the implementation of productive workflows, productivity tools, and team meeting schedules within their practice, streamlining their operations for maximum efficiency.

Brand-New Website

We designed and developed a modern website with online appointment booking, reducing call volumes and enabling smoother practice operations.

The Results

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Return on investment
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Return on investment
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Return on investment

Improved Google Reviews

HAVCOG's online presence skyrocketed, achieving a remarkable 1400% increase in Google reviews.

Robust Lead Generation

With our strategy, HAVCOG generated over 300 leads in just 3 months, significantly expanding their patient base.

Increased Patient Intake

Our efforts led to a notable rise in daily patient intake, indicating heightened patient satisfaction and enhanced growth opportunities.

ZTown Media has been a game changer for our cardiology practice. Zack and his team really took the time to not only understand our goal, but exceed our marketing expectations. I highly recommend ZTown to other business owners who are new to marketing, you won't regret it!

Ishita Rajeev

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