The Problem

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With no prior experience in advanced marketing strategies, The Wright School sought the right tools to expand their reach, connect with more parents, and achieve the objective of enrolling 30 more students by Fall 2023.

Sharing their Story

TWS wanted to showcase their exceptional learning environment and demonstrate why choosing The Wright School would be an invaluable decision for students.

Our Solution

The Results

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Return on investment
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Return on investment
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Return on investment

Immediate Results

Within 24 hours of the campaign launch, The Wright School received four leads from interested parents, spending just $26 on ads, 1 of those 4 parents enrolled their child instantly after seeing the ad.

500+ Leads

Five months after the campaign launch, the number of opportunities skyrocketed to over 500, resulting in an impressive opportunity pipeline value of over 1.8 million dollars!

Remarkable ROI

The Wright School's partnership with ZTown Media brought remarkable results, delivering an ROI exceeding 10x, and generating over $360K in revenue!

Working with ZTown Media was a wonderful experience! We didn’t know much about marketing and the use of social media for marketing. ZTown Media stepped right in and created an entire marketing plan, executed it, and delivered beyond our expectations. The level of professionalism and dedication helping us develop a marketing plan and therefore expanding our brand was top tier. We will absolutely partner with them for our future needs.

Tamarra Williams
Sr. Administrator

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