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The Wright School

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The Wright School is a private institution in South Fulton. They are known for their small family-like environment, personalized instruction, and interactive classrooms. They recognize each student as unique individuals.

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the challenge

TWS wanted to broaden their reach and share their story with the parents of South Fulton. Since they never utilized any advanced marketing strategies in the past, we wanted to make sure they had all the tools necessary for outreach.



Colorful Books

the strategy

Our team created a series of videos that highlighted all the wonderful aspects of The Wright School, and focused on highlighting why attending here can be beneficial for students.

Some videos we produced included:

  • A brand video

  • Specialty videos that are oriented towards school-related topics

  • Testimonial videos from students and parents

  • A commercial to highlight the value that TWS gives their students.



ROI with ZTown Media = +10x

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60+ new students enrolled

TWS - SG 22.png

Able to hire a new teacher

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Hear From The Client

ZTown Media took the time to get to know us, understand what our goal was, and helped us develop a strategy to get more students. I would absolutely recommend ZTown Media to other business owners. They'll definitely get you the results you're looking for.

- Michael Steverson

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